Romeo and Juliet 2020

 Streamed online

Audio Production and Direction by Gary Andrews

cast list

2020 RandJ art botleft small2020 RandJ art two small

 We are not charging for tickets, neither are we asking for donations to Polesden Lacey Shakespeare, but, should you feel able to make a donation, we would love you to donate to the Sepsis Trust.

Just go to their web page

Click on the “Fundraise” button on the top bar, scroll down to “ donate” and donate, adding the reference “ PLS20RJ” in “ comment (optional)" please! This will help us to know how much we have been able to raise for the Sepsis Trust.

As a theatre company, some of you may remember, we have a special connection with this wonderful charity, working hard to raise the profile of the disease and to help in trying to find ways to save people from it.  We lost a dear friend and a wonderful actor, Joy Andrews, to this terrible, silent killer, in October 2017, at a very young age. We miss her so much!  You may also have read that many people, who succumbed to Covid 19, did so because their organs and immune systems had been weakened by sepsis, brought on by this Coronovirus.